Jenny Coate


William Esper
Meisner Technique, Movement, Voice & Speech
David Newer
T. Schreiber
On-Camera/Scene Study - Film/TV
Steven Schmidt,
Guy Chachkes
Penny Templeton Studios
Advanced On-Camera Acting/CGI Green Screen/Eye Lines/Continuity & Props/Blocking/Camera Framing/Piggy Back/Tight Two Way shots
Penny Templeton,
Hank Schob
Penny Templeton Studios
Master Class: On-Camera Auditioning & Cold Reading/Self Tapes/Script Analysis/Camera Blocking
Penny Templeton
Magnet Theater
Improv and Sketch Comedy Writing
Rick Andrews, Hannah Chase
Matt Newton Acting Studio
On Camera Acting for TV and Film
Matt Newton. Blair Baker


Accents (British, Southern), Teleprompter, Basic Spanish, Athletics (basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, tennis, biking, hiking, running, weight lifting, yoga, aerobics, boxing, bowling, kayaking, rollerblading, and ice skating), Sketch Comedy & Improv, Valid US Passport and Drivers License